Tesla Opens World's Longest Supercharger In France

EV Giant Tesla Has Opened

Its “longest Supercharger station in the world" in partnership with a French supermarket company - E.Leclerc 

The New V3 Supercharger

At E.Leclerc Beaune in France is a 28-stall station, which is nowhere close to being one of the biggest in the world 

One Of The Biggest But...

It has been configured in a way that it is the longest Supercharger in the world. 

The Station Is Also...

One of a few in France that is open to not just Tesla owners but all EV owners as part of Tesla’s pilot program to open access to the Supercharger network. 

The Supercharger's 28 V3 250 kW

Terminals are expected to remain occupied. This is the third station the company opened in a row at E.Leclerc  

As Tesla Adds More And More

Electric vehicles to the roads, The carmaker is looking to grow its Supercharger network at a significantly fast rate.  

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