Roblox Your Bizarre Adventures Codes | Roblox YBA Codes (December 2021)

Do you want to get working Roblox Your Bizarre Adventure Codes? If yes then you have landed at the best place. Here we provide all the latest and working Roblox YBA Codes which we keep updating so make sure to bookmark this page so that every month you can get the codes quickly as well as working codes.

Always make sure to redeem the working codes that we mention below as the codes can expire anytime and you will never know when the working code expired so make sure you visit our website frequently and do check out the codes which can give you a great boost in this Roblox game.

Roblox Your Bizarre Adventure Codes (Active)

ThxFor185kPure Roka, 3 Redeemed Arrows, and 2X EXP Boost [Must be Prestige +1]
EXP1EXP (NEW) [Expires in 1 Week]
GiveMeSixPistolsa reward [Expires March 27]
GIMMETUSKRibcage of The Saints Corpse, Redeemed Pelvis of The Saints Corpse (NEW) [Expires in 1 Week]
ThxFor188kPure Roka, 3 Redeemed Arrows, and 2X EXP Boost [Must be Prestige +1]

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Roblox YBA Codes (Expired)

THIS UPDATE WAS MADE IN HEAVENPure Rakakaka and Arrow [Must be Prestige 1+]
Nostalgica reward [Must be Prestige 1+]
Star Code InfernasuRokakaka, Arrow, and 20 minutes of x2 EXP [Must be Prestige 1+]
Testa free reward [Must be Prestige 1+ or Level 10+]

How To Redeem The YBA Codes Roblox

Roblox YBA Codes

Follow the simple process that we have mentioned below to redeem the Roblox YBA Codes.

  • The first thing is you need to open the game.
  • Then in the bottom right corner you will be bale to find Menu option.
  • Press that option and then you have to press the setting option.
  • Then a box will open where you have to enter the codes correctly that we have provided to you.
  • Now simply hit the enter button and you will get your reward.


Your Bizarre Adventure is one of the most famous Roblox games which is an RPG-styled game where you have to obtain strong and unique spiritual abilities which they called “STANDS”. And if you want more pieces of information then you can join their Community server and there you can find the things like Codes, Announcements, Updates, and much more.


Max Players16
Allowed GearNo Gear Allowed

NOTE – if you are a photosensitive epilepsy kind of person then be careful as the flashy lights and imagery light and cause you discomfort.

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