Roblox Parents Guide – How Your Kids Can Play Roblox safely

Roblox is one of the most popular platform among the kids now a days. If you kids love to play the Roblox game then you must need to know Roblox Parents Guide. As we all know every things has two aspects and if we talk about the children then we must aware about the both aspects. In this post we are going to share a complete guide on Roblox for parents. So, be with as till the end and know all aspects of the game.

Roblox Parents Guide

Roblox is majorly played by kids around the world. This game is confusing for some parents. Along with this there are so many Roblox rumors on the internet and even in newspapers. However, your kids can play the Roblox game safely but you need to do little supervision. Here we have put a detailed guide for parents so, they can aware of the game and consistently supervise their kids while they are playing the game.

Roblox Game Overview

Roblox is online global platform to play game and put their imagination in 3D to create game. Majority of the game on this platform is created by the Roblox users. The user of the Roblox can use their imagination and developed a game by using simple tools and offer the game for other user on the platform. It is a free platform to join the platform and create the game.

Game available on the platform can be played online through a phone or tablet application or a web browser. Creators of Roblox can quickly update and adjust their games as per the demand and of the huge playing community. This is one of the best platforms to test your game and make changes according to the player’s valuable suggestions.

Roblox helps their user to create games with the help of step-by-step instruction, a wiki, and a helpful player community. Roblox is also a good platform to earn money through monetize your game. The creator of the game can be offering pay-as-you-go in-game purchases and earn money.

What Is Robux In Roblox?

Most of the parents don’t know what is exactly Robux in Roblox. Robux is the virtual game currency use by users to purchase in-game products like skin, Avtar, power in games, weapons, and many other objects. There are various ways to get Robux. Users can purchase Robux or get some part of when they get premium membership or trade for them or someone give free or donate.

Roblox in-game purchases

Many Roblox games offer in-game purchases via Robux. Many kids are incentivized to spend real money to get free Robux and purchase expensive items like skin, power, weapons, etc. Parents should tracking and password protecting credit cards so their kids do not make any unanticipated purchases.  

Kid’s Account Control

Roblox is providing a family-friendly environment with the help of its advanced technology. Roblox has launched a separate parent login option so parents can manage the accounts of their children. If you want to monitor your child’s account then make sure you have entered the correct date of birth for your child’s account. You need to limit games by following the steps given below:-

  • First, you need to login to the official website of Roblox.
  • Now, you need to click on the gear icon at the top right.
  • Select the setting option and then security.
  • Now, you need to enable the Account Restrictions slider.

Monitor Your Children Activity

There are many ways to monitor your kids activity. Here are some points that you can monitor your child activity through login into the account.

  • You can see direct and small group chat to see the individual chat history.
  • See friends and followers.
  • Recently Roblox game played your child.
  • You can also see private message history.
  • See the transaction history to purchase Robux.
  • See the Game, its, sound, etc. that is created by your child.

How To Keep Your Child’s Roblox Account More Secure?

You can easily keep your child’s Roblox account secure by following the tips given below:-

  • Always use a unique password that includes numbers, letters, and special characters. Never share this password with friends or any other person.
  • Enable the two-step verification to more protect your account.
  • Always keep personal information like name, email, address, phone number, or photos with yourself.
  • Tell your child to always log out of the account when he/she finishes their work on Roblox.
  • Don’t add someone’s email account to a kid’s account. Only two accounts should be added one of your kids and the other is yours. Along with this your password should be hard to guess and avoid using a common password like 12345.
  • Never click on the Phishing Sites link that offers spaces, free Robux, or unusual characters. Messages like f*ree*.ro*b*ux.o*mg.c*om (Remove the * and go on the website to get free Robux) is a scam. Along with this never share your information on this type of website.

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