How To Make A Roblox Game – Ultimate Guide

If want to know How To Make A Roblox Game then you have landed to the best place as here we are going to teach you the complete information about creating a Roblox game by your own. If you have ever played Roblox game before then you know how interesting game are in Roblox.

Also Roblox has made it very easy for everyone to create a awesome Roblox game, they have build awesome Roblox Studio which anyone can use use to build their awesome and interesting game.

So if you are about to build a game then have patience and remember that Rome wasn’t build in a day so first learn the basics and then you can earn millions of Robux.

So if you want to know how you can create a awesome game like Tycoon games, Battle Royale games, Simulator games, Racing games, and Dodgeball games then be with us for few minutes and you got the complete information on how to make a Roblox game on your own.

So to create a Roblox game you need to first learn how to operate Roblox Studio which is a great tool created by the team of Roblox so that everyone can create a game by showing their creativity.

Getting started with Roblox Studio

To create a Roblox game of your dream you have to first learn the basics of the Roblox Studio that will help you to start building worlds by designing your own game models also you can learn ins and out’s of the program with the help of the tutorials and resources especially created by the Roblox Corporation.

The first time when you will visit the Roblox Studio you will be able to see a dashboard just like the image we have provided here in our article.

There in the Studio you will be able to see the main menu where that let you choose the template according to your need and then you will be able to use the tabs which you can find at the top so that you can create the world either based on gameplay like obby or racing or based on themes like Suburban or Western.

Getting started with Roblox Studio

Your First Roblox Game

When you decide to create your first Roblox game then you must start we the easiest one then gradually you can move toward the tough one. So the most simple type of game to create on Roblox is Obby and also Obby types of games are also one of the popular kinds of the games.

You must have played Mario which is nothing but 3D obstacle courses that players have to navigate by running and jumping to avoid hazards and other areas of the level.

Roblox Studio Guide

So to create an Obby game you first need to choose an Obby template and need to upload it and once you are done the interface will look like the image we have provided below. So you have to just drag the things on the center and create the fully playable world one more thing, you will get many different things on the Roblox Studio but keep them as they are we will see those things later.

As you are using template that means you don’t have to do much as the core mechanics of the game is already there means the end point and the starting point has already create and even the hazards are already along the way and to make this your own you have to do some simple changes.

Now let’s see what changes you can make to make the game yours, You can change the background of the sky by switching the time of the day. On the right, you can find an explore column and you have to click on the Lighting which will then open up a new box called properties, now you need to go to the bottom by scrolling down and there you find timeofDay or a time and there you can set the time according to yourself.

And now you can move to the game environment menu where you can hit some of the floating squares which can see there. And then with the help of the edit section, you can easily change the color of the squares. And if you think there’s a design that will be interesting and fun to play then simply copy and paste the design around the environment and make sure you create those red squares that will add challenge to the players.

Finishing The Game

Finishing The Game

So the changes you have made were the very basic changes to your Obby game so that it will stand out then the other Obby games which other users have created. Obviously there are lot more to do with Roblox Studio where you have just done a small drop of water in a sea.

Also those tutorial made by the Roblox are very helpful for the creators so do not forget to check them out as they have mentioned every thing in a great detail.

So once you feel like you are done with the game and everything else you can publish the game, so first you need to click on the File and then Publish to Roblox so the process will begin. And now you will be able to name the game whichever you like and also you have to provide a description to the game so that the players can understand the game easily by just reading the description of the game.

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